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What is the best time to visit Maldives?

Maldives is a major attraction for tourists throughout the year. If you are looking for some extra hours of fun in the sun and wants to avoid rain, then you should visit Maldives during the months of November to April, which are the dry seasons. This time resorts are almost filled and you might experience price inflation for booking. 

The winters are pleasant with sunny weather and cool ambience. Christmas-New year is the busiest and this makes December-January as the best fun time to visit Maldives, especially if you like parties and festivals gathering celebration. Best thing about Maldives is that each resort inhabits its own island, so even if it is crowd, you won’t experience rush as you might during the high season in another destination. 

However, the time between May and October, called as wet season is also a best time to visit Maldives as the skies remains cloudy, humidity remains high and there are more chances of rainfall.

Wet season is the best time for divers and snorkel-lovers to visit Maldives. As there is increased water clarity and better visibility for divers, so the water sports like windsurfing, diving and snorkeling can give an amazing experience to all tourists. For those wants to experience culture and witnessing the major local festivals though, the wet season mainly from May to November may be the best time to visit.

Here is the basic stats about Maldives weather

Travel Seasons Average Temperature Season
December to April 24-31°CWarm and dry
May to November 25-31°CStrong winds and rain

Pros and Cons of Travelling Maldives in Dry Season


  • Temperature – Average temperature will be ~31 degrees Celsius by day and ~ 24 degrees Celsius by night.
  • Sunbathers – Best time to visit Maldives as sun is high during these time and sky is clear. You can rest comfortably over beach.
  • Scenery – It is perfect for sightseeing, enjoying cultural activities, water sports and savouring the local cuisine.
  • Ambience – All locations are well populated and the environment tends to be celebratory and busy. You get to enjoy best of everything. Resort, People and Activity.
  • Exploration – Visibility is excellent so you can enjoy the breathtaking view of fabulous lagoons protected by coral reefs and other atolls, and gorgeous beaches.

  • Hight Cost – Hotel tariffs and costs towards various activities can be extremely high given this is peak season.

Pros and Cons of Travelling Maldives in Wet Season


  • Temperature – Temperature at maldives will be around ~31 degrees Celsius by day and ~ 25 degrees Celsius by night
  • Reasonable prices – Can save money on food and stay. Which will allow you to plan for more days or explore other amenities.
  • Clam and No rush – Maldives is not just glittering days rather it’s a peaceful holiday destination. During wet season you will experience lesser crowd and calm environment.
  • Rainy Weather – It keeps raining but you might find no rain during your stay in wet season as well. September tends to be the wettest month. If you like to enjoy cloudy weather with raining over long horizon ocean, this is the time.
  • Surfers paradise – This time of year is popular with surfers, because the area sees bigger waves and better swells for surfing during these months. While the waters can be dangerous, the truly adventurous traveller with the right gear can look forward to a whale of a time.
  • Marine Life- In wet season lower water temperature attracts larger numbers of hammerhead sharks and reef sharks to come together, and you can spot them in shallower waters easier during wet season than in the dry season. Best season to spot Manta ray and Whale.

  • Crowd is less so you might miss the popular events and shows organised by resorts. Which resorts avoid to organise because of rainy season.
  • Rains may interrupt your excursions, sun set view and beach side dinner plan.

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